Easy Peasy Makeup Routine

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Happy Tuesday!

Let’s talk about makeup! Primer, foundation, eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, concealer, bronzer, blush, highlighter, brow pencil. This is not the day and age of your grandma’s makeup where she dabbed lipstick on her cheeks to make them rosy. Cute little grandmas! There’s so many different brands and types of makeup now. I think the first time I walked into a Sephora I just stared, blank and bare faced before deciding to leave overwhelmed.

I’ve never really been one to wear makeup because, honestly, I didn’t know how to properly apply it and felt so overwhelmed. I wasn’t a fan of all the crazy colors – blue, purple, and green lipsticks? No thanks. I prefer to not look like I’m dressed up for Halloween every single day. Also, what is BB cream? And wait, do I put primer on first or foundation? And contour? What the heck is that? Is that French for a “boat ride”?

Until, one day, I decided to start wearing makeup consistently at the ripe age of 24. And since I’m not all about having a ton of makeup (or spending THAT much money) I’ve decided to get the basics from a company I love. Which, as a mom, is perfect. I don’t have time to spend 20 minutes doing my face.

My routine? Primer, foundation, and mascara. That’s it. Boom! Done. And the company brand name? Everyday Minerals is the mineral makeup company that I’ve chosen to use for a few reasons.

1.) They’re 100% vegan, sustainable, and cruelty free.

2.) They use no nonsense ingredients in their products, which I buy their primer and foundation for my simple routine.

3.) They offer FREE samples you can order ONLINE so you can try before you fork out money to buy (icing on the cake!). You just pay shipping!

Personally I think #3 is the BEST part about this company. I mean, HELLO! Free samples you can order online? Wait, wait Kassi…are you saying that I don’t have to lug the kids to a makeup store and buy a $30 container of makeup only to find out that it’s the wrong shade? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.


And you can’t have makeup without a makeup bag. I bought this cute little makeup bag at Target to hold my Everyday Minerals makeup. So simple and adorable! It’s also washable so in case your toddler (or you) spills a bunch of makeup in there it’s no big deal. Just throw it in the washer on a gentle cycle!

What’s your makeup routine and favorite makeup?

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Outlet Covers That ACTUALLY Work!

This post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. All opinions are my own. Thanks so much for reading!


Happy Monday!

I’m sure we’ve all seen the Tide laundry pac commercials about keeping kids safe – mainly kids not eating them. Obviously kids shouldn’t eat the laundry pacs. That would be dangerous. I read somewhere that they can cause vomiting and breathing problems. Yikes! We don’t need our little ones puking everywhere and hyperventilating with blue faces.

Even though everyone should be aware of children and the danger of laundry pacs, that isn’t what this post is about.

It’s about electrical outlets. Wait, you already knew that? Oh, well I guess that is the title, huh? And if you have kids, you know electrical outlets can be useful (charging your phone) and annoying (your young kids trying to play with them even though you’ve told them no for the 23,985th time).

You might say, “Well, they make outlet plugs for those.” And that’s true. There are companies that make outlet plugs. But picture this. You buy some outlet plugs because you’re a good parent who wants to keep his or her kid(s) safe and then…BAM! your toddler rips those suckers right off. And then of course laughs like a rascal.

Well that sucks because 1) your kids can get hurt and 2) you wasted your money. It’s happened to some of my friends, some of their friends, and I’m sure a lot of other people. Maybe even you. So what’s a parent to do? You want to keep your kids safe, but you don’t want to board up all the outlets for the next 5 years. Phones and laptops need to be charged, radio and lamps need to be plugged in, etc. Radios? Well, yeah! Radios like this? Cool, huh?

Anyway, we were in this same situation when L was starting to get mobile. And we searched and researched and read reviews like crazy. We’re talking going through reviews 5 years back crazy. Because I have seen toddlers pop outlet plugs off in 2 seconds flat, I knew we needed outlet plugs that are secure, dependable, and just plain awesome.

And my dear friends, I found them. It even has some reviews saying it’s hard for adults to get out of the wall! That was music to my ears. So I bought them and we have used since for over a year now.


These are the BEST outlet covers because you have to push the sides in and the top button down all at the same time while pulling the plug out of the outlet, hence all the arrows! Almost impossible for kids to get them off! Perfect!

So if you’re searching for tried and true outlet plugs, buy these.

And if you need more than 8 plugs, go for the 30 pack here.


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An Unexpected Walk


This morning was amazing. Foggy, 60 degrees, a little wet out from all the rain we’ve had. A cup of tea kind of day. We were supposed to hang out with a friend this morning, but she wasn’t feeling well. So we instead went for a walk.

L and I love going on walks. I mean LOVE it. We usually go on walks 3-4 times a week when it’s nice. It tends to be “nice” enough to go on a walk during the fall (hey, that’s my favorite season), beginning of winter, and during the spring.


L’s favorite part is collecting things. Like every child’s favorite part, right? Acorns, walnuts, leaves, sticks, pinecones, and some other things usually end up in our hands. It’s so fun watching her touch things, learn about textures, and expand her vocab. I can’t believe she’ll be 2 in a month!


And what’s the best thing to hold your 2 year old’s collection of sticks? Well a wagon of course! This wagon is perfect for putting her collections in. It even has cup holders, a tray, storage, and a canopy attachment. It’s perfect for toting kids and their stuff around at the zoo, park, mall, etc. It is well worth the money! Highly recommended!


A walk isn’t complete without splashing in some muddy puddles. In your new shoes, of course.

My favorite part is watching her and being outside. I love hearing the all the sounds: birds chirping, squirrels munching away, cars driving by, kids in school playing on the playground. Walking also happens to be one of my favorite dates with my husband. We love walking and looking at houses together.

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Time for Productivity

Rainy Day Tea

It’s 1:13 AM and I’m awake. Just working on some blogging things and getting the house picked up.

In a perfect world, I’d get to bed early and wake up early. I’d workout for an hour, drink tea for 15 minutes, read Scripture for 30 minutes, pray for 10 minutes, get dressed, make the bed, and maybe bake some yummy homemade muffins all before my toddler wakes up.

But waking up at early isn’t going to happen when you’re up at 1:13 the night before.

My ideal schedule of waking up early to get things done sounds great, doesn’t it? I mean, having 2 hours to yourself in the morning just to get ready? Yes please! But it just isn’t what works for me.

I usually end up working out during Lilly’s nap or skipping it. I normally drink my tea in peace and quiet maybe twice a week. It isn’t uncommon to find me reading Scripture while Lilly eats breakfast or reads a book after breakfast. And I don’t even bother making the bed anymore because, well, my toddler has learned how to climb and can easily climb into our bed. And frequently does. About 6 times a day.

So nighttime is THE time. I regularly load our dishwasher twice at night. In fact, after this I’m going to unload and then reload our a-ok dishwasher from the 70s. But hey, it works. And for that, I’m grateful.

So I’ll go to bed at 2 (actually, make that 3) and wake up 5 minutes before my toddler so I can at least get dressed in peace. Because my time for productivity is now, at 1:13 AM.

When’s yours?

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Toddler Clothes

lil clothes

I love, love , LOVE toddler clothes! Baby clothes are cute too. And, let’s be honest, clothes in general are fun. But there’s just something about toddler clothes. Watching little people running around in style growing into kids who will grow into adults. AHHH! So cute!

lil clothes 2

My mom recently sent Lilly some new clothes. Thanks Mom! And I went shopping yesterday and today for new clothes for Lilly. Kids grow so fast!!! I can’t believe how big my baby girl is getting. I love all the cute animals they put on kid’s clothes: foxes, elephants, cats, dogs, etc. I may or may not have baby fever for a little boy. I saw some cute gray striped boy pajamas with foxes on them and was in love. Or maybe I just baby fever in general.

fav lil dress

This one is my favorite outfit so far. Also, why can’t we make adult clothes this cute and for this cheap? I want to pay $8 for a cute sweater dress!


And we can’t forget about jammies! Lilly did wear her jammies to church one late morning when she was itty bitty. Whoops! Poor time management on momma’s part. I also may or may not have been wearing sweatpants. We were THAT family that morning. Haha!

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DIY Shampoo & Conditioner

DIY ShampCondi

Hey guys!

So I didn’t wash my hair for a week. For some of you, that’s no big deal. You might think, “Oh, I do that all the time.” But for this girl, let me tell you. It was gross. We’re talking take your hair out of a hair tie and it just stays type of gross. I wash my hair everyday and have since…well…my whole life. That’s 23 (almost 24! :D) years of washing my hair everyday.

With store bought, not organic at all, $3 sale, crap shampoo.

It smelled amazing and worked…so I thought. But in the past few years I’ve noticed that my hair gets this weird film on it a few times a year that won’t come out with regular shampoo. I end up washing my hair with dish soap to strip it of everything and then start all over again.

But you know what? I got tired of doing that 3-4 times a year. And I’ve recently done a bunch of research on foods that are healthiest for you and…wait for it…products that are healthiest for you in general.

And that $3 bottle of shampoo was definitely not on the list.

I’m calling it my hippy movement and I love it. The first thing I’ve changed is my hair routine.


1/2 c. distilled water (Want to use coconut milk that’s BPA free instead? Try this one!)
1/4 c. Castile soap (unscented, peppermint, almond, tea tree, orange) [So many options!]
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 tsp. pure, raw honey (I find that buying local is best. Check out your farmer’s market!)

Pour all your ingredients into a container and shake well. Keep it in refrigerator until you need to use it.

1/2 c. distilled water
2 capfuls of apple cider vinegar

Same thing! Pour all your ingredients into a container and shake well. Keep it in the refrigerator until you need to use it.

Well that was easy! I use unscented Castile soap but feel free to use one of the scented ones or throw in some good quality essential oils too, especially if you love having smelly good stuff.

See ya next time!🙂

(By the way, I’m not a doctor. I’m a mom. I have no medical training whatsoever other than children sticking Cheerios in their nose. Please talk to your doctor before starting this amazing hair care regiment.)

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Summer Faves


It was a LONG summer for us and technically it’s still not over. It was difficult to make friends at our temporary apartment this summer and we had to drive quite a bit to do things. But here are some things that helped me make it through the summer! Thank goodness.

My husband bought me these sandals last year. (I couldn’t find the exact ones, but they’re still awesome sandals!) Not gonna lie. At first, I hated them and thought, “Yikes! These aren’t my style.” But I have come to love them. The multiple straps come in handy for support when you’re running after a toddler who just climbed up the biggest slide on the playground. True story.

This boar bristle hair brush from Target is amazing. It’s perfect for distributing your hair’s natural oil. Not to mention affordable! I’m going on a hippy journey (starting today actually!) and I’m going to be making my own hygiene stuff. I even bought one for Lilly! I’ll blog more about that hippy journey once I’m really into it.

Chalk! It isn’t summer without chalk! Which is actually my favorite part of summer. I could do without the hot sun, sunburn, and boob sweat. Oh, did I take that too far? Oops. Anyway, we love playing with chalk outside. Love, love, love it! I may or may not be projecting that love onto my toddler so she’ll love it too. Hey! Nothing like some momma-daughter bonding time playing with chalk when she’s 16 and she tells me about a cute boy she likes.

I absolutely love headbands! If you see me with a headband on, it usually means that I didn’t feel like doing my hair. So my solution to looking cute while still being a tad lazy quicker at getting ready? DIY headbands. I found this tutorial and really, really want to make it! So easy and cute!

What were some of your favorite things this summer? Comment and let me know!🙂

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We Moved Again!

This was my sleeping arrangement last night. And yes, it was uncomfortable.

Also, I’m without my computer and camera so blogging is a little difficult. But fear not! I know I’ve been inconsistent. And you know what? I think it’s because I’m a little afraid. I’m a little afraid of commitment and rejection.

Also, we’ve been transitioning with moving and I was trying to figure out what to blog about. I think I know now what I want to write about. And, you know what, I’m not scared anymore.

Just an update for my readers. Nothing fancy.

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If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee…

I’d tell you that I’m going to change my blog a little bit. Not a lot. Just a tiny bit.

I’ve realized that the things I want to blog about require me to be more deliberate about taking photos with my camera. Finding good lighting, angles, etc. in a natural setting (aka: at home). This can be a tad difficult when you live in a cozy apartment with not so many windows.

Oh, also we’re moving again. Back to our permanent place from our temporary place. Does that make sense? We had a temporary place because my husband (who is a student) got a summer internship so we moved for the summer. So we have 2 places. Does that make more sense? I hope so.🙂

Just a quick update for you guys. I’ll do my best to blog and be deliberate and intentional, but it might be spotty. I know I talked about consistency. It’s been hard this summer. I forgot my tripod at our permanent place and am still figuring out what I really want my blog to be about. Have patience with me! You’ve done an awesome job so far!🙂

Thanks so much for listening!🙂

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Hey guys!

I know I haven’t really blogged much. I’m going to take a break from blogging.

Not forever or even a long time.

A week. Haha! Seriously, just a week.

I love blogging. I really do. My favorite thing about it is the writing portion. I have about 150 drafts saved. No, I’m not kidding.🙂 Writing speaks to my soul. I am finding that more and more.

But I am realizing more and more that as much as I enjoy blogging, I feel the need to create as well. I’m a creator, a maker. I like to use my hands and make stuff. And I feel awesome after I make stuff – whether it’s sewing something or making homemade bread or even something as simple as making the bed.

Even at the age of 23, I’m still figuring out who I am. And especially as a mom, that’s big. And it’s important to take the time to figure out what I like to do. It’s weird that after you become a mom, you sort of forget who you are. You ask yourself, “What do I enjoy doing?” and you realize that you can’t answer that question. Not because you don’t enjoy anything, but because you haven’t done something just for yourself in so long that you just don’t remember.

And everyone needs to have a hobby. I have literally been Googling “hobbies” to try and figure out what to do. Haha! Don’t laugh at me!🙂

So I’m taking a break for this week. And basically half of last week. So a week and a half break.

I hope you understand! Comment and let me know if you’re a creator too! What do you like to make? Or maybe you’re a task doer; you enjoy checking things off your to do list.

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